Our records / 12″ & 10″

Dj Aakmael | Luv & Possibilities | FLTD014

Limited Edition Illustrated Designed 12″

Vinyl featuring music by Dj Aakmael and a highly acclaimed remix from NIAN.

Hanna | Demur EP | FLTD013

Limited Edition Illustrated Designed 12”

USA’s Warren Harris aka Hanna joins the Flumo crew with a 5 track signature EP.

Chocky | Higher Synth EP | FLTD012

Limited Edition Illustrated Designed 12”

Vinyl featuring music by Chocky & Orlando Voorn.

Ekkohaus | More Than An Edit EP | FLTD011

Limited Edition Illustrated Designed 12” Vinyl featuring music by Ekkohaus.

Bessiekat | Tribe EP | FLTD010

Limited Edition Bronze Colored 12” Vinyl featuring music from Bessiekat, and remixes by J Albert, Willis Anne, Nicson & An Gelo

Various Artists | Dope Sampler EP | FLTD009

Limited Edition White Colored 12” Vinyl featuring music from Ekkohaus, Joe Europe, Gene Hunt and Nicson.

Gary Romalis | The Specialist EP | FLTD008

Limited Edition White Colored 12” Vinyl featuring an exclusive remix by Esteban Adame


El_Txef_A | Acid Colovr Series "Blue" | FLTD007

Limited Edition 10″  Clear Blue Vinyl featuring two originals


S.U.M. | Salt, Pepper & Sunshine | FLTD006

Limited Edition 12” Clear Green Colored Vinyl featuring remixes by Borrowed Identity & Jona.

V.A. | Acid Colovr Series "Yellow" |FLTD005

Limited Edition  10″  Yellow Coloured Vinyl featuring music from Santos Resiak, T.W.I.C.E. & Jussi Pekka.


Chocky | The Supplier EP | FLTD004

Limited Edition 12″ Clear Vinyl including remixes by Specter & Toby Tobias.


Phonogenic | Tulio EP | FLTD003

Limited Edition 12″ Red Coloured Vinyl including an exclusive remix by El_Txef_A

Jazzler aka Dixie Yure | Beth & The Gamma Ray Fields | FLTD002

Limited Edition 12″ Black Vinyl including an exclusive remix by James Teej.


Ezequiel Sanchez | Going To Dance EP | FLTD001

Limited Edition 12″, 180 grs Black Vinyl including remixes by Catz & Dogz, Justin Drake ( Peace Division ) , Mikel_E & Soulrack.