Podcast 004 : Atapy

What was your intention in terms of style and concept?

I guess anything that goes for me and everybody’s tastes regarding music that we are all like and i really love and felt in doing it most of my time, so guess thats one of them.

What music movement or sound from is still influencing the sound of Atapy?

Music that sounds fresh, deep and sexy a bit dark, creative and sounds that got loved by the people out there.

What do you think about the massive offer of music nowadays? In your opinion, is that affecting somehow the essence and quality of the music?

Thats a good thing in one way because its really nice to see that more and more guys are preparing to do what they like i mean i hope they like it, if some of them makes it just for the fame, then just go back to your dayly job and be only a music consumer and on the other side in my opinnion, yes somehow it is affecting all the criterias mentioned a bit, but hey here we are all and we do what we want so definitely if we are still keep doing our job and try pushing only good stuff, then i’m sure there will be no problems and there will be place for anybody.

Recently, one of your remix has been published for the acclaimed Cesar Coronado Ep’. The feedback are being very positive,and many of the reviewers refereed to your remix in terms of the quality and character of your music. Could you tell us something else about this job?

It’s really great to hear that and also i’m happy to be on this release, i appreciate every support. Regarding the remix job, well it was a warm day locked alone in my studio room, drinking lot of coffee and just having fun doing it 🙂

Is there any style or dynamics that in an Atapy’s dj set is a must?

Definitely you can find in every set something really cool, melodic, dark, really fresh and deep, a track that can blows your mind and makes you feel happy and sexy or probably like an animal, but will leave this on the listeners.

Apart from the music, what else fills Atapy’s life?

Many things like, design wich is the second thing in my life that i really love, traveling sometimes, cooking a lot and fishing with my friends on a lake far away from the city, off with the mobile phones!

Lets say, someone for your agency calls you to ask that you could choose a club or event and also the artist to play with. Which one would you choose? and with who would you like to play?

Okay that would be a bit hard to select as there are many clubs/events to play and the artist with, so the list could go pretty long but i guess at the moment and also because of the summer is close to our feets, i would like to play at.

Usuaia Ibiza together with M.A.N.D.Y.