About Us

 Established in southern Spanish city of Seville, back in 2006, Flumo has shown little sign of letting up on the growth and creativity that has made it such an important and valuable institution within the underground dance music scene. Currently located in both, London and Seville, the label continues to offer up quality music for those who seek something more ardent and exquisite. Those who are attracted to such sounds come from various walks of life; from media professionals to record collectors, as well as DJs and of course the dancers. Aligned with this, the deep seated community of artists that have helped to built the label as it is today, are from many walks of lives themselves and therefore bring a different take on the current Techno and House scenes in which they are involved… with label friends from the likes of Japan, South Africa, the Americas and various corners of Europe.

 Flumo aims to be defined further as just a label. It aims to be seen as a family affair, one that brings brothers and sisters together in one house to create something that’s far more lasting, and far more valuable. Hence it is important to acknowledge such great souls, old friends and new alike. From label’s head honcho Nicson, to main stays such as El Txef A, Chocky, Phonogenic, Ekkohaus, Santos Resiak, Dixie Yure, Gari Romalis, Tom Ellis, Dj Aakmael, Tim Green or Tom Demac amongst others.

 Thankfully, the label has worked intensively throughout to bring a varying selection of sounds, sometimes acquiring the best of works from remixers and collaborations such as Specter, Hanna, Toby Tobias, Borrowed Identity, Esteban Adame, J. Albert, Willis Anne, Gene Hunt, Kasper, Ejeca, Alland Byallo, Glimpse, Catz & Dogz, Luza Lozano, Jona, Jussi Pekka, Alex Jones, Alejandro Lopez, Chris Lattner, Pol On, Orlando Voorn , D.A.R.Y.L. aka John Talabot  amongst others.. 

 However, the house does not stop here, since even the smallest connections are still connections biding all of these music makers together, the house is substantially extended further thru collaborations with close friends, artists and professionals some of whom released only once but are still part of our family, people like CarloBaldo, Kaarel, SPLEEN UNDERGROUND MUSIC, Hyman Bass, Joe Europe, Jimini, E.M.M.E.,  Arnheim, T.W.I.C.E, Deadecho, Bendejo, Chembass, Max Belobrov, Zumo, Vlad Malinovskiy, Ed Maddams, Atapy, Alvaro Cabana,  Whim-ee, Mark Chambers,  Robert Cashin, Alex James, Miguel Puente, Ezequiel Sanchez, Duky, Stride, Nicholas Deca, Cossano, Didier Morris, V.Sexion, Drunkat,  Oren Bi, Markus Newton, Theodor Zox, Ludwig Coenen, Alex Medina, Andrea Crestani, Daniel D Curtis, Mituo Shiomi and Ntanos..

 It’s a full house, but always expanding its sound and growing its love for the people who make the house so cozy and warm.

CREW: Vicente Rodríguez &  Edu Kortes.

DESIGN: All our artworks made by Jacobo Carmona at Estudio FLOP, Sevilla.

FRIENDS: In_The_Park, Cristobal Hidalgo, Francisco Yañez, Ulises Gomez, Rafa Marinelli, Juan Ghrosso, Simas Savickas, Roberto Montilla…